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Policies/Privacy Policy

We are a self-pay practice. You are financially responsible for your visits, services + products. We do not bill or code for insurance payments or reimbursements, nor do we communicate with insurance providers or plan administrators on behalf of patients looking to seek reimbursement. We do not accept personal checks or HSA/FSA cards as a form of payment.

We do not offer refunds for services, treatments, procedures, shots, packages, gift cards, or consultations.

Prescriptions, including dose changes, medical advice and lab requisitions need to be obtained during an appointment.

Please understand that e-mail communication is not secure or HIPAA compliant and we cannot guarantee protection of your Personal Health Information when traditional e-mail is used. E-mail is not to be used in place of an appointment, for medical advice, or for any change to an existing treatment plan or change in medication/supplement or dosage.

Questions or requests that are related to administration, such as appointment scheduling or billing, should be directed to our front desk staff. For more complex or urgent questions or requests, please call the office.

Should you need a refill of any supplement or prescription dispensed at 406MD, please inform the office at least one week prior to needing your refill.

All lab results will be reviewed and discussed during a scheduled follow-up appointment.

Lab requisitions are completed during appointments only, in order for the doctor to determine the appropriate tests that may be indicated. Lab tests are ordered for established patients only.

Privacy Policy

We maintain the privacy of medical and health information of any individual for whom we provide services and comply with all relevant state, national and international laws and regulations including the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition, all personal information is confidential and not disclosed to third parties unless under a court order or we have received signed documentation from our client to release information being requested. This includes but is not limited to name, address, phone number, social security number and e-mail address. Information regarding a minor’s PHI may be disclosed to the legal guardian as required by law. It is important that you understand that your information can be used and shared in the following ways:

  • For your treatment and care coordination. Multiple health care providers may be involved in your treatment directly and indirectly.
  • With your family, friends, relatives, or others that you identify who are involved in your health care or health care bills.
  • To protect the public’s health, such as reporting when the flu is in your area or if you are a physical threat to yourself, your doctor, the community, or your family.
  • Obtain payment from third party payers