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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight LossImage result for medical weight loss

Most physicians today are treating chronic illnesses that are weight related. Weight reduction is often more effective than any other treatment for diabetes, hypertension, back, hip, knee pain, and many other conditions. With physician supervised weight loss, prescription medication and supplements can help you get over that “plateau” of weight loss, and start seeing some results. 


B12 Lipo Injections

Our Medical Weight loss program can help effectively diminish unwanted fat by boosting your bodies ability to process fat. Another category of slimming and nutrient rich super-chargers are  the B12 shots for our clients who want to increase their metabolisms and sustained energy levels. These weekly, 1.0ml B12 shots are specifically designed to include fat burning amino acids that your liver will use to help efficiently reduce fat stores. If needed, we also use the only FDA approved appetite suppressant prescription medication to help curb the cravings and encourage weight loss.

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Combination Therapy

There is more than one way to trim that waist line. Using evidence based techniques and FDA approved devices, that stubborn fat and skin laxity doesn’t stand a chance. Using the only FDA approved medication for weight loss and combining the powerful effects of B12 lipogenics injections, you can achieve more rapid weight loss and start to see results quicker. Make your body a cellulite free zone. Image result for body contouring

HCG Diet

Want to attack the stubborn fat deposits? Try the HCG diet, designed and refined to shed the pounds and maintain the results. The basics include HCG injections once daily x 26 days, a very-low-calorie-diet (VLCD) of 500 calories per day with the addition of fatburning Lipo B12 injections, this program is structured to get results.

Here is how it works:

  1. Phase 1 (days 1-2): Start daily HCG, High fat and protein meals
  2. Phase 2 (days 3-26): VLCD 500cal/day
  3. Phase 3 (days 27-29): Stop HCG, continue VLCD
  4. Phase 4 (days 29+): Increase dietary intake to 1200-1500cal/day, stabilize and maintain


  • Kit 1: $250 for 26 days HCG, includes all supplies + consult
  • Kit 1: $325 for 26 days HCG + Lipo B12, all supplies + consult