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Meet Jason Leep MD

Q What inspired you to start 406MD Medical Aesthetics?

I enjoy helping people in a meaningful way, and making a positive impact on their life. Aging effects people in many different ways and treating the patient is just as important as treating the illness.

Helping patients understand their treatment options, and watching them progress to living a happier more fulfilling life has always been the best part of practicing aesthetic medicine.

Q What does 406MD mean?

Montana is a great state, the last best place, we wanted to represent the spirit of Montanans and reflect on their values. 406MD is a Montana based practice where people can find honesty, integrity and value with their chosen treatments. Our devices treatment protocols are proven effective and our unique combination of technologies to achieve results goes far beyond what is possible for our competitors using a single modality for treatment.

Q Why do you believe in aesthetic medicine?

When I began noticing that a of lot patients concluded their review of symptoms by stating “I think I’m just getting old” lead me to seek a better explanation with a more accurate and long term treatment to their issues.

With most primary care physicians shying away from new treatment options for anti-aging, I realized that most people needed a specialist in the field, and someone that understands their concerns and can offer cutting edge technology and advanced techniques to help improve their condition. With the field of medical aesthetics rapidly evolving, we now have an answer for those concerns and proof of safety and efficacy with every device and treatment we use.

Q What sets you apart from other aesthetic clinics?

As a physician, I enjoy spending time with my patients and using every device, procedure and technique to achieve personally tailored results to each patient. As technology advances, our understanding of the aging process has greatly evolved as well as our perception of the “symptoms” of aging. You no longer have to accept certain symptoms of age, with the current technology in radio frequency, ultrasound, lasers and light based devices as well as the broad spectrum of injectables , it’s now possible to achieve those results previous unexpected without surgery, all while having a positive impact on lifestyle and sense of well being. 

Q What does the future of medicine look like to you?

The technology of medicine is advancing now at a rate never seen before. With application of radio frequency devices, lasers, understanding the impact of hormone balance throughout life, and novel medical compounds in the form of injectables to help the body restore collagen and counteract the effects of sun damage, there is an entire field of medicine now dedicated to fighting the effects of aging from the inside-out. The future of medicine looks bright and can help anyone seeking their own personal well-being in a more concise, results-driven way.

Q What other interests do you have outside of your profession?

Spending time with my family, especially my beautiful wife, Ali, who is
also a brilliant P.M.A. here at 406MD and inspires my passion for aesthetics. Living in Montana allows for the cultivation of our outdoor interests. In my spare time, I’m headed to the mountains on my motorcycle or fly fishing, hiking and biking. I also enjoy days snowboarding or snowmobiling in the winter.